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Towercor isn’t just a premium office furniture dealership: we also provide design and project services to make the move to your new office as easy as possible.

With our expert knowledge, we will work with you to determine key project criteria, finalize planning, and then transform those plans into a new office configuration that will better meet your business’ needs.

Whether you are moving or expanding your business to a new location, or renovating or retrofitting your existing offices, use our expert resources to get the most for your money.

We work by appointment only, allowing us to concentrate on your individual office needs. Call us now to set up a consultation with one of our office furniture specialists!

We supply office planning and furnishings that will work equally well for everything from small-scale home office suites to work environments with up to 500 stations. We will design a unique installation or provide you with a quick, standard solution. Browse our Featured Products and Key Suppliers to discover the office furniture system that will work for you, and then let us do the rest!

Our in-house design firm has been providing commercial planning, design and occupancy solutions to the Greater Toronto Area since 1997, giving us the experience you need on your team!

We will create a work environment that uses new technology and ergonomics to give you and your employees a choice in how, where, and when work gets done.

We provide planning and implementation services for formal to informal interior spaces of all shapes and sizes:

  • Corporate and Commercial Offices
  • Institutional (Classroom, Educational and Training Centres, Health Facilities)
  • Development Studios and Offices
  • Presentation Suites
  • Model Suites
  • Industrial Offices
  • Shared Work Environment Offices with Flexible Spaces including “Third Space” Furniture Options and Technology;
  • Conference Centres with Offices Spaces and Common Support Areas (ie. Copy/Print Area Coffee/Breakout Areas Lounges);
  • Lobbies
  • Lounges
  • Multi-purpose Spaces
  • Event Spaces

Our experience spans 30 years and all project types from tenant improvements and retrofits to relocations and new-builds.

We can serve as a consultant on a project of any scope, whether a move, renovation and/or retrofit or demolition/construction, providing:

  • budget management
  • rfp/rfq/proposals/bids/tenders management
  • move management services
  • IT Services
  • Safety and Maintenance services

How we help you plan your new, improved workspace:

Needs Analysis and Feasibility Studies

We first need to establish how much space and what type of office you actually need. To do this, we analyze both your current office configuration and your wish list for the new space.

We then create a plan which will meet all your business’ needs for the future. This can include standard structured workspaces, sit/stand adjustable stations, private to open collaborative workspaces and “anywhere anytime workspaces”.

This gives you a better idea of the square footage you need for your offices before you start working with a real estate agent.

Preliminary Space Plans

We will develop detailed plans for each of the locations under consideration, allowing you to make an informed decision.

We will prepare code-compliant planning layout and configuration options, as well as layouts at various levels of pricing options. Other schematic drawings include blocking or stacking plans to show how space could be allocated within large floor plates or multi-floor premises.

Full Scope Interior Design Project Drawings

Once you have selected your new office space, we will translate the feasibility space plan to a full set of interior design drawings that are building code and AODA/barrier free compliant, including 2 and 3-dimensional sketches and renderings, as well as permit issue and construction issue drawings.

Finish and Materials Specifications

We then help you with the selection and specification of design components, details, finishes, materials, and colours, as well as with the selection of office furniture from our featured lines. Materials available include:

Solid Surfaces:

  • Wood
  • Clear, Translucent and Back Painted Glass
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Solid and Patterned Laminate
  • Wood grain Laminate
  • Plastic


  • Solid and Textured Fabrics
  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • Plastic


We will prepare a construction budget and provide names of reputable construction and consulting companies for you to choose from, including

  • General Contractors
  • Engineering Companies (Mechanical, Electrical/Plumbing, etc.)
  • IT/Data/Voice Consultants
  • Union and Non-union Trades

Artwork and Accessories

Once the construction is done and you are ready to move into your new offices, we will help you add the finishing touches with artwork and decorative accessories.



  • monitor arms
  • keyboard trays
  • cpu holders
  • laptop & phone holders
  • power-up modules and pads.

Mobile and fixed

  • presentation boards
  • marker/tack boards
  • screens
  • paper management rails and trays.


  • desktop and furniture mounted
  • manual and motion sensor.


  • Interior Corporate Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Room/Area Signage
  • Name Plates.


  • Interior Artwork
  • Company Story Boards
  • Corporate Images.

Moving, Installation & Reconfiguration: We will provide professionally trained and certified installation crews for a one-time project or for continuous on-going service for:

  • Furniture
  • Private Office Casegoods
  • Desks
  • Workstations
  • Tables
  • Seating/Chairs.


Throughout your office design process, our only goal is to give you the best possible design solution to help your business thrive. Providing you with an office environment that lets you and your employees become more productive means that we are successful too!