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We showcase the best in office furniture manufacturers in Toronto, with an

emphasis on Canadian manufacturers producing comfortable, quality-driven, and affordable office furniture.

Including: Office Desks, Chairs, Reception Stations, Conference Tables, Ergonomic Accessories, and Collaborative Seating.

Towercor International has long been a preferred dealer for a premium range

of office furniture manufacturers. Now, after 55 years in a brick and mortar

showroom, we are moving to a new, custom-tailored online approach to office

furniture sales. We will work with your individual needs and preferred price

points to help you choose from among our many suppliers to give you the work

environment that is perfect for you and your business.

We can help you develop an individual plan for your business, whether it’s a

home office start-up or a conventional workplace installation, from small to

large: every job is a custom one! We provide creative customized seamless

solutions for projects in any business sector of any size, respecting all

budgets and timelines.